New Additions - April 2017

Film and Television
1A companion to François Truffaut / edited by Dudley Andrew and Anne Gillain.

Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom Malden, Massachusetts : Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.

2A raisin in the sun [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures Corporation presents screenplay by Lorraine Hansberry produced by David Susskind and Philip Rose directed by Daniel Petrie.

Culver City, C. A. : Columbia Tristar Home Video, c1999.

3Before sunrise (Motion picture);Before sunrise [videorecording] / Castle Rock Entertainment presents a Detour Filmproduction in association with F.I.L.M.H.A.U.S., Wien written by Richard Linklater & Kim Krizan produced by Anne Walker-McBay directed by Richard Linklater.

Hong Kong : Distributed by Deltamac (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., c2011.

4Before sunset (Motion picture);Before sunset [videorecording] / Warner Independent Pictures and Castle Rock Entertainment present a Detour Filmproduction directed by Richard Linklater screenplay by Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke story by Richard Linklater, Kim Krizan produced by Annie Walker-McBay.

Hong Kong : Distributed by Deltamac (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., c2012.

5Cowboy classics : the roots of the American western in the epic tradition / Kirsten Day.

Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, c2016.

6Deleuze's Cinema books : three introductions to the taxonomy of images / David Deamer.

Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, c2016.

7Developing story ideas. Chinese;开发故事创意 = Developing story ideas, 2e / 迈克尔・拉毕格(Michael Rabiger)著 胡晓钰, 毕侃明译.

北京市 : 北京联合出版公司, 2016.

8Expressionism in the cinema / edited by Olaf Brill and Gary D. Rhodes.

Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, c2016.

9Guide to filming in Hong Kong / [Film Services Office of the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority, HKSARG]

Hong Kong : Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority.

10Hear my song [videorecording] / Film Four International, British Screen and Windmill Lane Productions present a Limelight production screenplay, Peter Chelsom and Adrian Dunbar original story, Peter Chelsom producer, Alison Owen-Allen director, Peter Chelsom.

[London] : Channel 4, c2009.

11Him & her (Television program);Him & her. Series 1 [videorecording] / [written] by Stefan Golaszewski producer, Kenton Allen director, Richard Laxton.

[United Kingdom] : Distributed by 2 Entertain Video, c2012.

12History of film. Chinese;电影的历史 : 第二版 = History of film / 著者大卫・帕金森 译者王晓丹.

广西, 南宁市 : 广西美术出版社, 2015.

13Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy (Television program);The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy [videorecording] / by Douglas Adams adapted from the BBC radio series producer, Alan J.W. Bell.

Hong Kong : Distributed by Deltamac (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., 2009.

14Hollywood and the great depression : American film, politics and society in the 1930s / editeded by Iwan W. Morgan and Philip John Davies.

Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, c2016.

15Holocaust (Television program);Holocaust [videorecording] : the story of the family Weiss / a Titus Production written by Gerald Green producer, Robert Berger director, Marvin J. Chomsky.

Hollywood, C. A. : Paramount Home Entertainment, [2008]

16Hong Kong neo-noir / edited by Esther C. M. Yau and Tony Williams.

Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press Ltd, c2017.

17How to succeed in business without really trying (Motion picture);How to succeed in business without really trying [videorecording] / the Mirisch Corporation presents written for the screen, produced and directed by David Swift.

[Northcote, Vic.] : Shock Entertainment [distributor], [2009]

18I heard the owl call my name [videorecording] / teleplay by Gerald di Pego produced and directed by Daryl Duke.

[United States] : Showtime Entertainment, [200-?]

19In the good old summertime (Motion picture);In the good old summertime [videorecording] / a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer silver anniversary picture a Robert Z. Leonard production produced by Loew's Incorporated written for the screen by Albert Hackett, Frances Goodrich and Ivan Tors produced by Joe Pasternak directed by Robert Z. Leonard.

[Australia] : Distributed by Amsell Entertaniment, [200-?]

20In the soup [videorecording] / Jim Stark presents in association with Will Alliance Co., Ltd., Pandora Film, Why Not Productions & Odessa Films, Alta Films and Mikado Film written by Alexandre Rockwell and Tim Kissel produced by Jim Stark and Hank Blumenthal directed by Alexandre Rockwell.

[United Status] : Fantoma Films, c2004.

21Killer adios [videorecording] / an co-production Concord Film, Copercines story by José Mallorqui Figuerola screenplay by José Mallorqui Figuerola, Maria Amendola and Primo Zeglio directed by Primo Zeglio. 32 caliber killer / an Explorer '58 prodcution story and screenplay by Enzo Gicca directed by Al Bradley.

New York, N. Y. : Wild East Productions, c2011.

22King Lear [videorecording] / A Lenfilm production directed by Grigori Kozintsev.

Chicago, Ill. : Facets Video, c2007.

23Kitano par Kitano-北野武による「たけし」. Chinese;北野武自述 : 无聊的人生, 我死也不要 / 北野武, 米歇尔・特曼著 贾翊君译 = Kitano par Kitano / Takeshi Kitano & Michel Temman.

上海 : 上海世纪出版股份有限公司 : 上海人民出版社, 2015.

24Le combat dans l'ile [videorecording] / L'Union Générale Cinématographique et La Société des films Sirius présentent une production Nouvelles Editions de Films un film de Alain Cavalier supervision, Louis Malle scénario, Alain Cavalier dialogue, Jean-Paul Rappeneau.

[New York] : Zeitgeist Films, [2010]

25Le premier jour du reste de ta vie [videorecording] / une coproduction Mandarin Cinema, Studio Canal, France 2 Cinema ecrit & realise par Remi Bezançon produit par Isabelle Grellat, Eric Altmayer, Nicolas Altmayer.

[London] : Metrodome Distribution, [2010]

26Léolo [videorecording] / Les Productions du Verseau et Flach Film, Le Studio Canal Plus avec la participation de L'Office National du Film du Canada présentent un film de Jean-Claude Lauzon produit par Lyse Lafontaine et Aimée Danis scénario, Jean-Claude Lauzon.

[London] : Network Releasing, c2008.

27Marxism and film activism : screening alternative worlds / edited by Ewa Mazierska and Lars Kristensen.

New York : Berghahn Books, 2015.

28New Taiwanese cinema in focus : moving within and beyond the frame / Flannery Wilson.

Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, c2014.

29New uses of Bourdieu in film and media studies / edited by Guy Austin.

New York : Berghahn Books, 2016.

30Out of order. Chinese;跳脫框架 : 影視剪輯的說故事技巧 / [Ross Hockrow著 陳怡伶譯]

台北市 : 碁峰資訊股份有限公司, 2015.

31ReFocus : the films of Preston Sturges / edited by Jeff Jaeckle and Sarah Kozloff.

Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, c2015.

32Rewrite. Chinese;好剧本是改出来的 = Rewrite / 保罗・齐特里克(Paul Chitlik)著 周舟译.

北京市 : 北京联合出版公司, 2016.

33The cinema of Theo Angelopoulos / edited by Angelos Koutsourakis and Mark Steven [with a foreward by Alexander Kluge]

Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, c2015.

34The lickerish quartet [videorecording] / a co-production Cinemar Productions, Peter Carsten Productions screenplay, Michael DeForrest direction, Radley Metzger.

[Los Angeles, C. A.] : Cult Epics, c2011.

35The major realist film theorists : a critical anthology / edited by Ian Aitken.

Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, c2016.

36The shape of things [videorecording] / Focus Features and Universal Pictures present a Working Title production in association with Pretty Pictures producers, Neil LaBute, Gail Mutrux, Philip Steuer, Rachel Weisz written for the screen and directed by Neil LaBute.

[S.l.] : Momentum Pictures [distributor], c2004.

37The Stanford prison experiment [videorecording] / Sandbar Pictures & Abandon Features present in association with Coup d'État Films and Vineyard Point Productions written by Tim Talbott produced by Lauren Bratman, Brent Emery, Lizzie Friedman, Karen Lauder, Greg Little directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez.

Hong Kong : Intercontinental Video Ltd., [2016]

38Twilight's last gleaming [videorecording] / Lorimar-Bavaria presents a Geria production screenplay by Ronald M. Cohen and Edward Huebsch produced by Merv Adelson directed by Robert Aldrich.

[Saint Charles, IL] : Olive Films, 2012.

39W [videorecording] = 더블유 / [produced by] MBC [극본 (play), 송재정 연출 (direction), 정대윤].

[台灣] : 世詮多媒體有限公司, [2016]

40上一堂最生動的國際關係 : 20部經典電影,告訴你世界原來是這個樣子 / 蔡增家著.

台北市 : 先覺出版股份有限公司, 2017.

41六弄咖啡館 [videorecording] / 出品, 慧視娛樂投資集團股份有限公司, 好好電影工作室, 彩色樹傳媒有限公司 聯合出品, 創意光年有限公司, W2影視娛樂製作有限公司, 浙江自在影業有限公司, 北京世紀華映文化傳播有限公司, 北京百度網訊科技有限公司 好好電影工作室有限公司, 彩色樹傳媒有限公司製作 出品人, 王琛 聯合出品人, 莊淳淳, 洪偉才, 吳子雲, 朱偉傑, 曾良, 袁曉波 製片人, 趙毅, 莊淳淳 編劇, 吳子雲, 鄭源成, 何素芬, 廖明毅 導演, 吳子雲.

香港 : 千勣企業有限公司, [2016]

42天空的情書 : 抗戰飛行員紀錄片沖天電影紀事 = The Rocking sky / 譚端著 CNEX「沖天」製作團隊協力.

台北市 : 遠見天下文化出版股份有限公司, 2015.

43寫實與抒情 : 從粤語片到新浪潮 / 易以聞著.

香港 : 三聯書店(香港)有限公司, 2015.

44影像构成基础 / 陈汝洪著.

北京市 : 北京联合出版公司, 2016.

45日本电影纵横谈 / 舒明著.

北京市 : 北京大学出版社, 2016.

46道士下山 [videorecording] = Monk comes down the mountain / 新丽传媒股份有限公司, 北京二十一世紀盛凱影視文化交流有限公司, 哥伦比亚影业公司出品 原著, 徐皓峰 编剧, 陈凯歌, 张挺 导演, 陈凯歌.

[Hong Kong] : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment : Distributed by Intercontinental Video Ltd., c2016.

47青春依舊升起 : 林清介學生電影中的青少年世界 / 趙麗娜著.

新北市, 板橋區 : 遠景出版事業有限公司, 2015.

48香港電影拍攝指南 / [香港特別行政區政府影視及娛樂事務管理處電影服務統籌科]

香港 : 影視及娛樂事務管理處.

49그놈이다 [videorecording] = Fatal intuition / 제작, 상상필름 감독 (director), 각본 (screenply), 윤준형 (Yun Jun-hyeong) 프로듀서 (producer), 윤일중 (Yun Il-chung)

[Korea] : Art Service Co., Ltd. (아트서비스), 2016.

50미쓰 와이프 [videorecording] = Wonderful nightmare / 각본 (screenplay), 김제영 (Kim Jeyoung) 프로듀서 (producer), 차상민 (Cha Sang-min) 감독 (director), 강효진 (Kang Hyo-jin)

[Korea] : Art Service Co., Ltd. (아트서비스), 2016.

51태양의 후예 [videorecording] / [극본 (play), 김은숙, 김원석 연출 (direction), 이응복, 백상훈].

Singapore : Distributed by Poh Kim Video Pte Ltd., [2016]