RefWorks is a web-based software that helps you to store, organize, and share bibliographic information. There are two add-ons downloadable on different versions of Microsoft Word to facilitate formatting in-text citations, footnotes and bibliographies in any style of your choice, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and more.

Since the current version of RefWorks, legacy interface, will be retired in September 2019, all new users of RefWorks are recommended to use the newest version which is now available via a soft launch. For users who have ample time to learn the new interface before your next project is set to start, you can move all data in your existing accounts to the new platform with the following steps:

(a) Login into your legacy RefWorks account
(b) Click on Move to the newest version of RefWorks from ProQuest at the top left-hand corner
(c) Sign up for a new RefWorks account (You may refer to the "Accessing RefWorks, Creating an Account, and Logging in" video for details.)

Note: You are required to use your email address to set up an account.

For other users who are working on documents created in legacy RefWorks, you can continue to work on your existing Write-N-Cite plugin through the current semester, and then take the above steps to move all data associated with your existing RefWorks account to the new platform before 1 September 2019.

To make it easier for you to log in and learn about how to use RefWorks during this dual-access period, we have prepared this page with the following links:

Login Center Guide
New RefWorks How-to Guides
Legacy RefWorks Quick Start Guide

The Two Add-Ons:
Add-On Tool MS Word for Windows MS Word for Mac Installation Guide
Write-N-Cite 2010, 2013, 2016 or 365 2008 or 2011 "Installing Write N Cite" section
RefWorks Citation Manager 2016 or 365 2016 or 365
  • For Word 2016, click Insert > Add-ins > Store; then search for "RefWorks Citation Manager"
  • For Word 365, click Insert > Add-ins > Get Add-ins > ADMIN MANAGED > RefWorks Citation Manager